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The Maverick Process


Installing solar is a multi-step process involving you and a small army of people, from your local city inspector to your utility company. Without a partner that cares about your project and knows the industry and your area, any little hiccup in the process can turn into a major headache.


At Maverick Green Energy, we’re not just another solar or roofing installer – we’re your solar consultant, manager, and partner. We work with the best solar installers and roofers in California to ensure you have a stress-free and exceptional installation experience.


Here’s a quick 7-step guide on what you can expect when you install solar with Maverick. Of course, every house is unique, so your project might vary slightly from the process below.

Step 1: Savings Estimate

Maverick makes installing roofing and solar about as easy as it can get. For solar installations, we may not even need to schedule a home appointment for your cost and savings estimate. You just send us your energy use and we can do it all remotely and over the phone, saving you time and making the process that much easier.


Your solar estimate is a glimpse into your future savings. We’ll provide a preliminary design so you can see where the solar panels will likely work best on your roof. The estimate will also lay out installation costs, estimates of annual and lifetime electricity production from your installation, yearly and lifetime savings estimates, payback period, and available incentives to lower your upfront investment.

Step 2: Site and Roof Survey

Once you’ve signed off on the estimate and preliminary design, it’s time to set up an appointment to evaluate your roof’s size and condition.


A team member will come to your house and measure your roof’s dimensions, angle, and orientation (south-facing, west-facing, etc), as well as your sunlight availability. While on your roof, we’ll also check your shingles or tiles for wear or damage.


We’ll also check inside your attic (if possible) for water damage for anything else that could affect the structural integrity of your roof. Your solar panels will be on your roof for the next 25+ years, so we need to make sure your roof is up to the task!

Step 3: Custom Design and Approval

Once your site evaluation is complete, we’ll send all of the information to our design team.

First, we’ll assess whether there are any potential issues, such as roof leaks or shading, and suggest what steps to take to alleviate the issue.


Next, we’ll look at your roof’s dimensions, angle, orientation, and shade to design the most efficient system for your home. We’ll decide exactly how many solar panels you need and where they should be installed. It will likely be very similar to your initial savings estimate.

Once your design is ready, we’ll send it to you for approval. If the designer has called out any issues, we’ll discuss your options and help you find the best step forward.

Step 4: Building and Utility Permitting

Once you’ve approved the design, it’s time to apply for all the permitting.

Solar installations need both electric and building permits from your local building department, as well as permits from your utility to connect to the grid. Don’t worry – our trusted installers take care of the paperwork for you and make sure we have all of the required permits before starting your project.

Step 5: Installation

Once we have the city and utility approvals, it’s time to install your solar system!


This is typically the fastest part of the entire process, and usually only takes 1 to 3 days depending on the size of your system. Your installer will install the solar panels and inverters, as well as any additional equipment your property and utility requires, like safety disconnects to turn your system off during emergencies.

Step 6: City and Utility Inspection and Interconnection

You’re almost ready to turn on your installation!
The last step is simply getting approval from your city and utility. They’ll visit your home to inspect your installation for safety and to ensure your installation follows your pre-approved design. Once they give the okay, you’re ready to start powering your house with the clean, infinite energy from the sun!

Step 7: Turn It On!

You’re now ready to turn on your installation! We can also help guide you through the process of claiming any incentives or rebates you’re eligible for, such as the 30% federal tax credit.

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